Advantest EVA100 Measurement System

Advantest launched the HF-AWGD module for its EVA100 measurement system

Advantest introduced the HF-AWGD (high-frequency arbitrary waveform generator and digitizer) module to extend the capabilities of its EVA100 measurement platform. With this module, the EVA100 system can measure key parameters of mixed-signal, precision and standard analog semiconductors used in applications such as on-board automotive electronics.
Equipped with both a dual-channel arbitrary waveform generator and digitizer, the HF-AWGD module is an analysis tool for precision devices such as 16-bit ADCs and operational amplifiers. The module employs intuitive software and high-speed sampling to generate waveforms by either AWG mode (wave pattern file base) or pattern generator mode (without using wave pattern files). It offers an harmonic distortion of -102 dB.

The waveform memory can capture samples while the built-in digitizer provides coverage across a wide input range.
Advantest’s EVA100 system uses the same test sequences for both design and production measurements, enabling users to establish a standardized measurement environment throughout their operations. This contributes to shorter time to market by allowing semiconductor manufacturers to avoid spending time and resources correlating test data from different systems.

Advantest HF-AWGD unit:

  • Arbitrary Waveform Generator (512Msps/16bit 200MHz BW), Differential 2 ch.
  • Digitizer (250Msps/16bit 200MHz BW), Differential 2ch.
  • Per Pin Parametric Measurement Unit (8 ch)