Test Motors’s monitoring solutions for rotating machines.

Analog Devices acquires Test Motors

  • Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) announced the acquisition of the Spanish company Test Motors, which specializes in predictive maintenance solutions.
  • This Barcelona-based company specializes in solutions that provide, through data collection and processing, predictive maintenance of motors and electrical generators as well as various types of rotating machinery.

Test Motors’ solutions aim to detect defects on electric motors before a failure disrupting the production cycle occurs. They provide appropriate information to enable their maintenance before a failure occurs.

With this acquisition (whose financial conditions have not been disclosed), ADI is extending its offer of conditional monitoring solutions designed to identify equipment failures preventively. Test Motors, which will be part of ADI’s Automation and Energy division, will operate as a key technology entity.

The acquisition of Test Motors follows the acquisition of OtoSense by Analog Devices in 2018. This start-up has developed a software application capable of recognizing by learning and interpreting sound and vibration signals that signal potential problems with industrial equipment or a vehicle engine before they become serious.

Analog Devices plans to combine the capabilities of OtoSense’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform with those of Test Motors’ monitoring tools to create solutions that allow a complete visualization of a machine’s health status by identifying the greatest number of potential defects.

The objective is of course to propose solutions capable of detecting and diagnosing problems that can lead to unexpected production stoppages in order to intervene preventively and extend the life of rotating machines.

These conditional monitoring systems cannot operate without the use of appropriate sensors and electronic components for the collection, transfer and processing of machine operating information. Analog Devices’ electronic components are therefore an essential part of these monitoring solutions: MEMS sensors (microelectromechanical systems), circuits for conditioning, signal conversion and processing, wired and wireless communication, power supply, etc.