Analog Devices’s MeasureWare platform

Analog Devices announces the MeasureWare platform

  • Analog Devices announces MeasureWare, its new plug and play set of measurement hardware kits and software tools (Software Studio) to meet accurate measurement requirements.
  • The MeasureWare suite is a solution that enables you to rely on relevant data in real time.

MeasureWare solutions are designed to provide the interface between devices and their environment. They allow the measurement of parameters such as temperature, weight, humidity, pH, pressure, etc. They also offer the possibility to adjust and modify these parameters according to the evolution of the project.

MeasureWare provides precision measurement solutions to users who wish to take advantage of Analog Devices technology without having to master the specifications of the components and tools used.

The MeasureWare Software Studio environment consists of three elements:

  • MeasureWare Designer helps the user to choose the right measuring solution for his equipment and application.
  • MeasureWare Lab: for configuring the kit and displaying measurement results.
  • MeasureWare Developer: This tool for advanced users includes their preferences for the host microcontroller and integrated development environments (IDEs) for application coding. Initially, ADI offers an API interface and an example of an ARM Mbed project. Other IDE environments will be available soon.

Accessible on the Web, the MeasureWare collaborative ecosystem offers users the opportunity to learn and share their experiences, and to receive the support they need to eventually launch the production of their prototype.