MAPS software suite from Adlink.

Adlink announces the MAPS software suite

  • Adlink Technology announces the MAPS (Measurement, Automation, and Platform Suite) software suite dedicated to the deployment, configuration and control of PXI and DAQ modules.

This all-in-one software solution aims to improve process efficiency and reduce the time and effort required to develop systems implementing data acquisition (DAQ) and PXI modules. It is thus possible to quickly start a project using MAPS software tools such as Adlink Connection Explorer (ACE), diagnostic tools and easy-to-use test utilities to analyze device functionality with a single click.

According to Adlink, developers often do not have the tools they need to develop and implement their measurement and automation applications. After purchasing new systems and modules, they can lose valuable time, even before starting the project, searching the Internet for drivers, analysis and diagnostic tools and documentation. The new MAPS (Measurement, Automation, and Platform Suite) software suite, designed for both Adlink’s DAQ and PXI modules, aims to eliminate these time-consuming operations.

MAPS software also provides software development kits for developers of C/C++ and LabVIEW languages.
MAPS software is intended for:

  • Test, measurement and automation application developers: Adlink Connection Explorer (ACE) provides a single visualization interface for quick exploration and validation of DAQ and PXI module functionality to avoid time wasted in determining the cause of an installation error.
  • Third-party PXI module developers: Engineers who develop solutions with PXI platforms from third-party vendors such as Keysight, National Instruments and others can now benefit from full module transparency with the Adlink Connection Explore (ACE) solution. Conversely, users can view Adlink’s PXI equipment and modules on third-party interfaces such as NI-MAX and Keysight Connection Expert. Users can also use Adlink DAQ modules with NI LabVIEW software.
  • PXI and DAQ module developers: The MAPS toolbox provides a software front panel for users of DAQ and ChassisWatch modules for developers using any Adlink PXI chassis. Both tools offer easy-to-use test utilities that analyze features with a single click for seamless deployment in the field and on site.