Adlink PXES-2785 PXIe chassis.

Adlink PXES-2785 chassis offers 18 PXIe Gen 3 slots

  • Adlink Technology announced the launch of the PXES-2785 chassis.
  • The PXES-2785 chassis has an 18 slot PXI Express backplane with a power supply replacement capability.

Replaceable power supplies facilitate system maintenance and ensure high application availability and minimize average repair time.

The PXES-2785 chassis complies with the PXI-5 PXI Express hardware specification. It therefore has the most advanced synchronization and timing functions.

The PXES-2785 chassis, using PCI Express 3.0 technology, provides 24 GB/s system bandwidth for peer-to-peer data transfer applications and up to 8 GB/s bandwidth for all peripheral slots.

This chassis has a total power of 990W, a cooling power of 50W per slot. The variable speed fan controller optimizes cooling and acoustic emissions.

It is equipped with an intelligent monitoring system that informs about the state of the chassis by providing information such as fan speed, internal voltages and internal temperature. Remote monitoring and control of the chassis can be done via the Ethernet port.
# Main specifications of the Adlink PXES-2785 :

  • Compliant with PXI Express specification PXI-5 Rev.1.0
  • 18 slots with 1 system slot, 1 system sync slot, 6 hybrid slots and 10 PXI Express slots
  • PXI Express system slot routed as a 2-way x8 x16 configuration
  • System bandwidth up to 24 GB/s (PCI Express 3.0 x8 x16 connection)
  • Bandwidth up to 8 GB/s (3.0 x8 PCI Express connection) for all device slots
  • Operating temperature range from 0° C to 55° C
  • 2 BNC connectors for input and output of the 10 MHz PXI reference clock
  • Replaceable maintenance unit with fan and power supply unit
  • 10 MHz internal reference clock with low jitter for PXI / PXI Express slots with a stability of ± 1 ppm
  • 100 MHz internal reference clock with low jitter for PXI Express slots with a stability of ± 1 ppm