Adlink IoT MXE-110i industrial gateway.

Adlink partners with Google Cloud

  • Adlink Technology partners with Google Cloud to provide ready-to-use IoT solutions.
  • This partnership aims to accelerate relevant decision-making by leveraging Edge Computing technology and real-time connectivity to Google Cloud.

Adlink Technology has partnered with Google Cloud to integrate its hardware and software solutions with the Google Cloud IoT platform. This will allow its customers to easily exploit and analyze critical operational data and add value to their business activities. This partnership provides ready-to-use options for IoT devices and data sources.

Google Cloud is a suite of services based on Cloud computing running on the same infrastructure used by Google for its products for end users. Customers can use the detailed information provided by Google’s Cloud platform analytics tools, including advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and machine leaning functions to make decisions to optimize their operations, implement predictive maintenance applications, minimize downtime, improve quality, develop new business models, and generate new revenue.

Adlink’s contribution to integrated hardware and software is also based on Adlink Edge services that enable operational data to be channelled and relevant decisions to be made through continuous connection to the Google Cloud, which helps to provide better process visibility.

Adlink Edge allows you to connect operational equipment and sensors that have not previously been connected quickly and without programming requirements. By leveraging native communication protocols, data can be captured and distributed at the edge of the network and securely between devices, databases and Google’s Cloud platform. This facilitates process analysis and visualization to make appropriate decisions to optimize business operations.