CalWeb cloud-based asset management platform from Tektronix

Tektronix completes its CalWeb Cloud Asset Management solution with new services

  • Tektronix offers new services via CalWeb, its Cloud asset management platform.
  • New modules for asset management are designed to ensure that test and measurement instruments remain in compliance with regulations and to maximize their use.

Monitoring of test and measurement equipment and instruments via paper documents and spreadsheets does not always provide the sufficient level of information and responsiveness necessary to properly assess the actual costs of using the equipment. A precise inventory of the equipment stock avoids duplication or losing track of an instrument between two uses.

“CalWeb was first a simple calibration management portal. We have realized that our customers’ needs go beyond keeping equipment in good working order, in the right place and at the right time. They also want to maximize the use of critical assets and optimize costs throughout their life cycle,” said Bill Pratt, general manager of service solutions at Tektronix. “With the addition of new services to CalWeb, customers can manage the entire calibration process as well as other aspects related to asset management.”

The CalWeb asset management cloud platform is designed to ensure the quality, security and reliability of test and measurement equipment. This solution provides users of a company’s separate services with complete visibility into asset management and calibration programs for their organization. CalWeb, allows companies to store and access current and historical equipment service records, maintain records for equipment serviced internally and by third-parties, and automate supply and equipment procurement processes. The latest solutions include:

  • Tek Asset View : CalWeb’s core functionalities allow companies to manage their resources throughout their organization and to know at a glance where an equipment is located, who uses it and whether it is in good condition for the task to be done.
  • Tek Compliance: In industrial sectors such as medical, pharmaceutical and automotive, equipment documentation must comply with specific regulations. Tek Compliance ensures that relevant information is securely stored in a cloud database to facilitate audits and reporting.
  • Tek Optimize: Companies often have difficulty knowing if equipment is being fully used and that their employees have the right equipment when they need it. Tek Optimize provides a complete view of assets through dashboards to manage equipment usage and meet needs to maximize return on investment.

Managed Services: Tektronix Managed Services offers companies a one-stop shop for calibration program management, new equipment deployment, asset pool management, obsolete equipment removal and recycling, and procurement process automation. Service offerings include:

  • Assets on Demand: This service ensures that employees have the equipment they need, whether it is new or replacement equipment, through the acquisition or loan of a demonstration instrument, and ensures that older equipment is removed from service.
  • Active Exchange ensures that the equipment is maintained, calibrated and ready for use as required. Tektronix manages the calibration and maintenance programs for the equipment. Uncalibrated equipment is replaced by equipment calibrated according to a predefined schedule.
  • Field Fulfillment Store: Field operational teams address their requests for new equipment and supplies through a dedicated portal. This service automates the ordering and approval process for companies and entities with geographically distributed employees.