The Keithley DAQ6510 multi-channel test system from Tektronix with up to 80 measurement channels.

Tektronix Announces Keithley DAQ6510 Multi-channel Acquisition Unit with Touch Screen

  • The touch screen of the Keithley DAQ6510 data acquisition unit simplifies the configuration, execution, monitoring and analysis of multi-channel measurements.
  • All operations can be performed from the 5 inch (12.7 cm) touch screen.
  • The DAQ6510 multi-channel test system can be fitted with plug-in switch modules to integrate up to 80 measurement channels.

Tektronix’s Keithley DAQ6510 multi-channel acquisition unit evaluates a test’s progress by displaying on screen the progress of the scan during the test in order to instantly identify out-of-range and out-of-test measurements.

Integrated plotting functions allow users to display up to 20 separate graphs from 20 channels in a graph and zoom in using pinch-zoom controls, then perform additional analyses using cursors and statistical functions. Configuration, execution, monitoring and analysis of tests can be performed on the instrument without the need for a PC.

The DAQ6510 multi-channel test system can accommodate 7700 series plug-in switch modules for up to 80 measurement channels. 12 plug-in switching modules are available: multiplexers, multiplexers with cold junction compensation for thermocouple temperature measurements, matrix switching module, control module, digital I/O module and GHz switching modules.

The DAQ6510 has the same interfaces and test script processing capability as the DMM6500, offering the ability to select the optimal interface and customize the instrument’s measurements and displays.

The new KickStart 2.0 programming-free instrument control software simplifies the implementation of a PC-controlled automated test. A software application for digital multimeter control and data acquisition is also available.

The Keithley DAQ6510 multi-channel acquisition unit is sold for €1,500 (around 1855$).
# Keithley DAQ6510 main features :

  • Voltage: 100 nV to 1000 V with 0.0025% basic DC accuracy
  • Current sensitivity: 1 pA to 3 A
  • Resistance: 1 µΩ to 120 MΩ
  • Capacity: 0.1 pF at 100 µF
  • Temperature measurement with thermocouples, resistance temperature sensors and thermistors from -200 °C to 1 820 °C
  • Sampling rate up to 1 Mech/s on16-bit with 8 million measurements storage capacity
  • 12 plug-in switch modules available for up to 80 channels.