3-Channel programmable power supplies Keithley 2230G series from Tektronix.

Tektronix offers the Keithley 2230G series of programmable 3-Channel power supplies

  • Tektronix offers the Keithley 2230G Series programmable power supplies integrated in a 2U high and half width housing.
  • Equipped with three channels, these power supplies deliver up to 375 W.
  • Their three channels are isolated, independent and individually programmable with 4-wire measurement capability for each channel.

The 2230G-33-3 power supply provides up to 195 W (two 30 V, 3 A, and one 5 V, 3 A channels), while the 2230G-30-6 and 2230G-60-3 models deliver up to 375 W with two 30 V, 6 A and two 60 V, 3 A channels respectively. Both 375W versions also have a third 5V, 3A channel. To obtain higher voltage levels or currents, the 30 V channels can be connected in series to obtain up to 60 V. Two or three power supply channels 2230G-30-6 can be connected in parallel to obtain currents up to 15 A with the 2230G-30-6 model. The values for each channel are displayed simultaneously on the screen.

To limit the effects of noise on the unit under test (DUT), these 3-Channel power supplies use a linear design to limit the ripple and noise level to less than 1 mVrms.

The 4-wire measuring capability allows the output voltage to be adjusted and measured with a basic accuracy of 0.03% and a resolution of 1 mV. The load current can be measured with a basic accuracy of 0.1% and a resolution of 1 mA.

Multi-channel programmable power supplies have front and rear panel outputs.

The 2230G power supply series offers three optional standard interfaces for remote control: USB, GPIB and RS-232. LabVIEW and IVI drivers can be downloaded from the Tektronix website.

The 2230G-30-3 30V, 3A, 195W supply is priced at $1,390 US MSRP, while the 2230G-30-6 30V, 6A, 375W supply and the 2230G-60-3 375W supply are both priced at $1,700 US MSRP.