GW Instek PFR-100 series DC power supply

GW Instek offers the PFR-100 fanless power supply

The GW Instek PFR-100 DC power supply is designed without fan to dissipate heat by natural convection. This ensures quiet operation, avoids dust extraction and thus extends its service life.
The PFR-100 power supply, rated at 100W, is available in two models. The PFR-100L model has a maximum output voltage of 50V (at 2A) or a maximum output current of 10A (at 10V). The PFR-100M delivers a maximum output voltage of 250V (at 0.4A) or a maximum output current of 2A (at 50V).

This power supply has front and rear output terminals. The rear panel output facilitates wiring for rack mounting. It is integrated in a box with a height of 3U and width of 70mm, weight 2.5 kg.

The multi-drop mode allows you to control up to 31 PFR-100s power supplies without using a switching hub.
# PFR-100 features :

  • Preset Memory Function
  • Output ON/OFF Delay Function
  • CV, CC Priority Mode
  • Adjustable Slew Rate For Voltage and Current
  • Bleeder Circuit Control
  • Protections: OVP, OCP, AC FAIL and OTP
  • Built-in USB and RS-232/485 Interface, Optional LAN+GPIB
  • Web Server Monitoring and Control
  • External Analog Control and Monitor Function
  • Remote Sensing Function