GW Instek's MDO-2000E series of mixed domain oscilloscope

GW Instek launched the MDO-2000E series of mixed domain oscilloscope

  • GW Instek introduced the MDO-2000E series of mixed domain oscilloscope which includes two models : MDO-2000EG and MDO-2000EX.
  • MDO-2000EG oscilloscopes have a built-in spectrum analyzer (DC to 500MHz )and a dual channel 25MHz arbitrary waveform generator (200 MS/s, 14 bits).
  • MDO-2000EX models feature a built-in a spectrum analyzer, arbitrary waveform generator, a 5,000 count DMM, and a 5V/1A power supply.

While entering the spectrum mode, MDO-2000E series will display a full screen of frequency domain. Users can input Center frequency, Span, Start frequency, and Stop frequency based upon test requirements so as to observe required frequency range. While observing frequency domain display, waveform characteristics can be observed such as harmonic composition of a waveform and the frequency characteristics of a modulation signal.

MDO-2000E series frequency domain also includes Spectrum Trace Type settings (Normal, Max-hold, Min-hold, and Average). It is possible to select various Spectrum Traces for simultaneous display. Detection method (Sample, +Peak, -Peak, and Average) can be individually set for each Trace. Additionally, it is possible, via Cursor, to manually mark the corresponding positions to reflect Frequency and Amplitude. The Search function can also be applied to log spectrum’s Peak Table. Amplitude is displayed with dB and Marker can obtain measurement data. The Search function allows to search and mark the amplitude and frequency of spectrum signal. Search methods include Max. peak and threshold. Measurement results can be displayed and saved.

The spectrum function of MDO-2000E series can test below 9kHz signals. MDO-2000E series can also test the frequency domain signal with DC component without damaging the instrument.
MDO-2000E series’ main features :

  • Bandwidth : 200/100/70MHz selections
  • 2 or 4 channels
  • Sample rate for each channel : 1GSa/s (2 channel models)
  • Max. sample rate : 1GSa/s (4 channel models)
  • Memory : 10MS per channel
  • Display : 8” WVGA TFT LCD
  • 1Mpts FFT max.
  • High ,low and band pass filter functions
  • Serial bus trigger and decoding function I2C/SPI/UART/CAN/LIN
  • Data log function to track signal changes up to 1000 hours
  • Network storage function
  • Mask test function