Tektronix DPO7OE2 400G PAM4 56GBaud Optical Probe

Tektronix Announces Optical Probe for 400G PAM4 Test

  • Tektronix offers the 400G PAM4 56GBaud optical probe for its DPO7000000SX series real-time oscilloscopes.
  • This single mode DPO7OE2 59 GHz optical probe is designed for debugging applications when designing components using 400G PAM4 transmission technology.

This new probe complements the DPO7OE1 33 GHz probe launched last year. It accompanies Tektronix’s introduction of new 400G PAM4 optical modules for its DSA8300 sampling oscilloscope.

The DPO7OE2 probe, designed as an “ORR” reference optical module for PAM4 56 GBd, is designed to troubleshoot optical devices with debugging functions  including software clock recovery for PAM4 and NRZ, triggering, error detection, and the ability to capture time correlated or contiguous record of a signal for offline analysis. It also has an optical sensitivity and noise level adapted to low PAM4 signal-to-noise ratio and channel effects.

The DPO7OE2 can also be used for legacy NRZ applications. Analysis packages support standard optical measurements including ER, AOP, OMA, eye height and eye width, as well as PAM4 IEEE and OIF-CEI standard specific measurements including TDECQ.