JRI's LoRa SPY sensors use the LoRaWAN long-range and low-power communication standard.

JRI’s LoRa SPY dataloggers use the LoRa wireless network to transmit their measurements to a cloud platform

  • JRI launches a range of wirelessly communicating temperature recorders to monitor sensitive products via a secure cloud platform.

LoRa SPY sensors use the LoRaWAN long-range and low-power communication standard while complying with the requirements of EN 12 830, EN 13485, 21 CFR part 11 standards…

The connected LoRa SPY temperature sensors measure and record data and transmit it to JRI’s secure cloud platform via the LoRa very long range network of LoRa public telecom operators who are members of the LoRa Alliance or a private gateway.

These sensors are aimed at applications for monitoring logistics platforms and cold rooms as well as for tracking refrigerated vehicles, packages or mobile refrigerated enclosures. They can also be used to monitor thermal comfort in buildings.

LoRa wireless communication technology makes it possible to exchange information over several kilometres with very low energy consumption. This promises these sensors up to 4 years of autonomy. Location and temperature data are collected automatically. Alerts are sent in real time when predefined thresholds are exceeded.

In the event of a temporary network loss, a memory of 10,000 measurement points embedded in each sensor provides information as soon as the network connection is restored.

The LoRa SPY range includes different models with and without display, equipped with an internal or external sensor for measuring temperature, humidity, gas content, pressure, door opening detection or pulse counting.

These compact recorders (87x64x25mm for about 100g) are equipped with fixing eyes and magnets as well as operating and alarm indicators.

The JRI MySirius web application facilitates the supervision, operation and analysis of measurements and offers various communication and management modes and alerts (SMS, email and voice call).

The Connectivity module allows interfaces to be linked to existing business software and thus to integrate JRI MySirius data into a third-party information system (web API).