Michelin Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Cloud Service.

Michelin’s IoT tire monitoring system operates Adlink’s Smart Gateway

  • Adlink Technology announced that its industrial gateway has been selected by Nihon Michelin-Softbank to be operated by their IoT system for remote tire monitoring.
  • This is the first time such an IoT monitoring system has been implemented in Japan by a tire manufacturer.
  • Michelin’s Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Cloud Service enables remote monitoring of vehicle tire pressure and temperature.

TPMS operates air pressure and temperature sensors on a tire and transmits warning messages when the measured values deviate from the required thresholds. Adlink’s MXE-110i Series IoT Gateway is embedded in the vehicle. The IoT service platform enabling Softbank data recovery has been deployed within Michelin’s infrastructure and system to manage a fleet of all types of vehicles.

When a tire’s characteristics deviate from normal use tolerance levels, Adlink’s MXE-110i module sends an email via the Cloud platform to Michelin’s end customer operations manager and tire vendor. An alert will also be automatically sent to the Michelin Rescue Network, which will be able to dispatch an assistance vehicle on site. The vehicle driver and operations manager can monitor all vehicle data from a smartphone, tablet or PC. This monitoring helps prevent tire blow-out.

Adlink IoT MXE-110i industrial gateway.
Adlink MXE-110i industrial IoT gateway used by Michelin’s IoT system for remote tire monitoring.

Running an Intel Quark SoC X1021 processor and integrating the Wind River Intelligent Device Platform XT 3.1, the Adlink IoT MXE-110i Industrial Gateway provides the management tools and security required for industrial IoT applications such as smart city management, building management and industrial automation. This gateway is integrated in a compact housing (120 mm x 100 mm x 50 mm) without fan communicating by radio frequency (RF).