Nemo Handy IoT is a field test solution from Keysight..

Keysight expands its range of Nemo tools for field testing of IoT applications

Keysight Technologies announces Nemo IoT Meter and Nemo Handy IoT solutions for network operators and service providers to perform field tests to ensure network coverage and quality of service of IoT (Internet of Things) applications.
“LTE network coverage is not sufficient to ensure the satisfactory operation of an IoT service at all customer sites where it is deployed. By effectively performing field measurements with appropriate IoT measurement solutions, operators, installers and technical departments can ensure that networks meet established requirements, and that IoT applications meet expected quality of service,” said Kai Ojala, Nemo Measurement Solutions Manager at Keysight Technologies.

Nemo IoT Meter and Nemo Handy IoT are part of Keysight’s Nemo range dedicated to field measurement solutions for quality assurance according to NB-IoT and LTE-M communication standards.

Nemo IoT Meter is a portable measurement tool offered by Keysight to check the quality of service of an IoT application. It runs on a standard Android smartphone connected to a NB-IoT or LTE-M dongle. This tool checks IoT network coverage and connection quality, and creates a test report from the measurements made.

Nemo Handy IoT is a field test solution that provides operators with detailed information on the key performance indicators (KPIs) of their IoT network obtained through on-site measurements: coverage, quality and detailed log files. All results can be exported for further post-processing with analysis tools such as Nemo Analyze and Nemo WindCatcher from Keysight.