Anritsu's MS2850A signal analyzer for 5G

Anritsu announced 5G NR signal analysis options for its MS2850A analyzer

  • Anritsu launched five 5G measurement software options for its MS2850A Signal Analyzer.
  • The five software options are compliant with the 3GPP 5G standards (5G NR).

Anritsu’s software options are designed to measure the RF Tx characteristics of next-generation 5G base stations and mobile terminals.

  • 5G Standard Measurement Software (Basic License) MX285051A
  • NR TDD sub-6 GHz Downlink MX285051A-011
  • NR TDD sub-6 GHz Uplink MX285051A-061
  • NR TDD mmWave Downlink MX285051A-021
  • NR TDD mmWave Uplink MX285051A-071

These modules when combined with MS2850A Signal analyzer provide a solution for signal-analysis measurements, such as Tx power, frequency error, EVM, etc., at frequencies below 6 GHz (sub-6 GHz) and in the millimeter wavebands (mmWave) such as 28 GHz band and 39 GHz band.