Oscilloscope option for the BERTWave MP2110A from Anritsu.

Anritsu announces an oscilloscope option for the BERTWave MP2110A

  • Anritsu announces the introduction of the four-channel sampling oscilloscope option for the BERTWave MP2110A, enabling integration of multi-channel oscilloscope and BERT (Bit Error Rate Tester) in an-all-in-one unit.

Backbone networks and data centers increasingly use 100G Ethernet to meet anticipated traffic demand for services such as 5G and are considering implementing 400G Ethernet. The functionality of the optical modules used in these networks includes NRZ/PAM4 signaling, multiple channels, and different wavelengths.

With multichannel support in hardware as well as software, the new oscilloscope option enables measurement, not only of multichannel modules, but also of multiple single channel modules.

The new 4ch option offers and all-in-one instrument configuration for combined 1/2/4 channel oscilloscope and BERT for both development and manufacturing applications.

# The BERTWave MP2110A features:

  •  Built-in oscilloscope and BERT with selection of 1/2/4 channels for development and manufacturing of 25G to 400G optical devices
  • Sampling oscilloscope: sensitivity supporting wide optical signal analysis from 25 Gbaud NRZ to 53 Gbaud PAM4 with built-in clock recovery option
  • BERT: Same waveform quality and sensitivity as R&D module, with clock recovery built-in as standard
  • Measurement using built-in PC


# Target Applications:
Evaluating Physical Layer performance of 25G to 400G optical transceiver modules, optical cables and their component parts, designed for use in data centers, Core/Metro networks, 4G/5G mobile backhaul, and 5G mobile fronthaul

  • Transmission Standards: Ethernet, eCPRI/RoE, CPRI, SDH/SONET, OTN, InfiniBand, Fibre Channel
  • Optical Transceiver Modules: CFP2/4/8, SFP28, SFP56, QSFP28, QSFP56, OSFP, QSFP-DD
  • Cables: Active Optical Cables (AOC), Direct Attach Cables (DAC)
  • Devices: TOSA, ROSA, High-Speed Optical Engine, PHY, Driver IC