Signal Quality Analyzer (SQA) MP1900A Bit Error Rate Tester (BERT) of Anritsu

Anritsu MP1900A Analyzer Approved for PCIe 4.0 Compliance Test

  • Anritsu announced that its Signal Quality Analyzer-R Series MP1900A has been approved by PCI-SIG as a compliance test measuring instrument for PCI Express 4.0 (PCIe Gen4).
  • The MP1900A is already approved as an R&D test instrument supporting Gen3 compliance tests and is now approved for the Gen4 test standards.

To speed-up serial-bus interfaces of communications equipment and high-end computers, the PCIe standard is transitioning from Gen3 (8GT/s) to Gen4 (16GT/s). PCIe Gen4 was adopted as a communications standard in August 2017 and has been discussed and examined for compliance testing since then. As part of this process, the MP1900A was approved as a compliance test measuring instrument for PCIe Gen4 based on the results of testing at the May 2019 PCI-SIG Compliance Workshop, and the MP1900A has been in use for certifying PCIe products since August 2019.

With its hardware features, the MP1900A PCIe Gen4 test solution can be used for automating Tx/Rx LEQ tests*2 required for compliance tests. Also, with built-in analysis functions delivering reproducibility support analysis of signal quality issues caused by high-speed transmission path losses.

All Gen1 to Gen4 tests are supported by a single MP1900A, which also supports the new Gen5 standard.

Additionally, 32-Gbaud PAM4 signals required by the future Gen6 standard are also supported.