Anritsu's MT8870A Universal Wireless Communication Tester

Anritsu offers an automatic test solution for the IEEE802.11ax communication standard

  • Anritsu launches three new software packages to extend the measurement standards supported by the MT8870A Universal Wireless Communications Tester to automatically perform IEEE 802.11ax compliance checks.
  • The software package MX887033A is designed for Tx (Transmission) measurement according to the WLAN 802.11ax standard.
  • The MV887033A software is designed for WLAN 802.11ax waveform files for evaluation of devices communicating according to IEEE 802.11ax standards, as well as for automatic programming of measurements.

The installation of these software packages on the MT8870A analyzer provides a turnkey system to ensure that the equipment complies with the IEEE 802.11ax standard on production lines. This solution for automatic testing of RF transmit and receive characteristics (Trx) allows the simultaneous testing of up to 16 devices. The automatic measuring program eliminates the need to develop control programs for each customer.

The IEEE 802.11ax is the new generation of WLAN wireless communication standards developed to improve the average data rate in areas with high device density, such as office buildings, stadiums, train stations, etc. This standard is currently under review by the IEEE 802.11ax Working Group. Its final publication as an international standard is scheduled for 2019.

As the main users of the IEEE 802.11ax are mobile terminals, according to Anritsu, this standard is expected to be widely adopted by smartphones, tablets, augmented or virtual reality equipment and the automotive industry. However, since these products support other mobile telephony standards at the same time, verification of WLAN and cellular communication functions is a necessity for equipment vendors.

The MT8870A universal wireless communication tester is already a suitable solution for automatic production testing of cellular communication devices, compatible with WLAN IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/p measurement standards.

The MT8870A universal tester is designed for measurements in production of a variety of wireless communication equipment and modules. Four test modules can be installed on the same chassis. Each of them can measure up to four wireless devices simultaneously, in parallel and independently.