Anritsu's MT8862A wireless communication tester integrates WLAN security feature

Anritsu’s MT8862A wireless communication tester integrates WLAN security feature

  • Anritsu announces the launch of WLAN security features software for its MT8862A wireless connectivity tester.
  • This solution is intended for the evaluation of devices used in IoT (Internet of Things for Internet) applications when WLAN security is enabled.

In order to ensure the reliable operation of devices operating with a WLAN communication interface, parameters such as wireless reception range and sensitivity must be tested under real-life operating conditions.

The MX886200A-020 software allows the Anritsu MT8862A tester to work in network mode to perform all measurements while the WLAN device under test is running, even if the security key is enabled. The software supports standards such as WEP, WPA-Personal and WPA2-Personal.

Previously, according to Anritsu, WLAN security had to be disabled during testing, which was not representative of normal operating conditions. In addition, it is common practice to prevent the ability to disable security to meet the requirements for deploying secure connected objects (IoTs).

This security feature can be installed on existing MT8862A testers by performing a software update and installing a license from the web browser.

The MT8862A is a WLAN tester compatible with IEEE802.11ac/n/g/b/y standards. It integrates the communication protocols necessary for verifying RF transmit and receive characteristics (TRx) of WLAN links, including transmission power, modulation accuracy and receive sensitivity.