Metrix MX 535 Electrical Installation Tester.

Chauvin Arnoux announces the MX 535 electrical installation tester

  • Chauvin Arnoux offers the MX 535 electrical installation tester from its Metrix brand.
  • This instrument, which meets the requirements of NF C 15-100, FDC 16-600, IEC 60364-6, IEC 61557, is intended for electrical control applications in the field by installers, inspection bodies, maintenance technicians, etc. It is also suitable for teaching.

All measurements and functions are accessible directly from the front panel of the instrument. The explicit markings on its terminal block prevent any risk of connection errors.

The result of a test (pass/fail) is displayed on its backlit LCD screen. The test results are stored in the instrument. The Android application can be used to transfer them to a tablet or smartphone via Bluetooth. Test reports can be created, saved and possibly sent by e-mail.

Various accessories are available for hands-free operation: magnetic case, neck strap, integral crutches.

A continuity rode provides access to remote measurement points such as lighting. A three‐pole cable allows direct measurements on 2P+T sockets. An optional remote control probe allows you to start and store the tests remotely. An external clamp can be connected to the device to measure currents.

The MX 535 promises a 20-hour battery life thanks to its rechargeable batteries via a USB charger.
# MX 535 specifications:
‐ Voltage measurement: 550 VAC / 800 VDC
‐ Frequency measurement: 30 Hz to 999.9 Hz
‐ Continuity at 200 mA
‐ Resistance from 1 to 99.99 kΩ
‐ Insulation: 250V, 500V and 1 kV test voltages, measurement
up to 999 MΩ
‐ 3P earth (stakes): up to 2,000 Ω
‐ Zs (Z L‐PE) loop without tripping: 1 to 2,000 Ω, Ik calculation
‐ Zs (Z L‐PE) high‐current loop with tripping, Ik calculation
‐ Type AC & A RCDs: 30mA, 100mA, 300 mA, 500 mA, 650 mA
‐ RCD in pulse mode: tripping time
‐ RCD in ramp mode (30mA): tripping current
‐ RCD automatic test sequence: no‐tripping – pulse ‐ ramp
‐ Automatic test sequence: Loop‐RCD‐MΩ
‐ Phase rotation: 45 to 550V; 45 to 65 Hz
‐ Storage: 30 sites x 99 tests using the MEM key or optional
remote control probe
‐ Power supply by rechargeable batteries with built‐in charger
‐ Recharging possible via the mains, USB socket or vehicle
cigarette lighter
‐ Bluetooth communication
‐ Android application: IT‐Report
‐ Automatic recognition of the optional external MN73A clamp
‐ Dimensions and weight: 211 x 108 x 60 mm, 700 g