Fluke Network Pro3000F Filtered Probe.

Cable tracking: Fluke Networks offers the Pro3000F filtered probe to eliminate interference

  • Fluke Networks’ Pro3000F filtered probe completes its Pro3000 range of probes and tone generators.
  • This signaling tool is equipped with a specific filter that suppresses interference from 50 or 60 Hz signals and their harmonics.
  • This allows technicians to isolate themselves from noise in order to perform communication cabling monitoring operations more efficiently and accurately.

Tone generators and probes are used to check continuity, detect faulty connections and manage cables organization.

In some environments, such as building renovations, signal interference sources, including electrical tool power supplies, lighting and fans, can saturate the tones sent by a standard tone generator. This noise, which is at a frequency of 50Hz or 60Hz depending on the country, disrupts the work of monitoring the wiring.

The Pro3000 probe, which has a range of 16 km and a loudspeaker, allows signalling through a partition wall. With this filtering solution, technicians can more easily trace the cable or wire they wish to track even in the presence of noisy external sources.

“More than 400 customers rated our Pro3000 signaling tool 4.4 out of 5 on Amazon. We are very attentive to our customers’ opinions. That’s why we added a filtered version to our range of probes and tone generators that was the most requested feature,” said Harley Lang, marketing director, Fluke Networks.

The Pro3000F filtered probe is sold separately or with the Pro3000 tone generator, which is equipped with SmartTone technology and emits five separate tones for accurate pair identification. It is also compatible with existing analog generators, as well as those built into Fluke Networks products such as the MicroScanner2, CableIQ and DSX CableAnalyzer series.

The Pro3000F tool is available in two versions :

The Pro3000F60 which eliminates 60 Hz interference, which is the standard frequency in North America
The Pro3000F50 eliminates 50 Hz interference, which is common in Europe, Asia, and the Pacific.