Chroma's 62000L series programmable DC power supplies

Chroma announces 62000L series programmable DC power supplies

  • Chroma Systems Solutions announces the auto-ranging 62000L series programmable benchtop DC power supplies.
  • Initial release offers two models : 62010L-36-7 and 62015L-60-6 with specifications of 36V/7A/108W and 60V/6A/150W respectively.
  • A 19″ rack mounting kit is available for easy ATE integration.

Auto-ranging allows for freely adjusting the voltage and current. This feature eliminates the need to manually select the optimum range allowing all of the power to be available across all of the voltage and current settings.

Fast transient response makes the output voltage that changed due to load characteristics return to a stable supply of power in microsecond response speed. For example, when the output current changes from half load to full load at the speed of 1A/us, the voltage change of the actual output can return to 15mV within 30µs.

Low noise input power protects the precision load or UUT from the interference of heavy noise. For example, the 62010L-36-7 output voltage noise is lower than 2mVp-p (20~20MHz) under the maximum rated current and maximum output power.

The auto sequencing programming function built into the 62000L series allows the user to define and edit the output waveforms with 8 steps per cycle.

The 62000L series programmable DC power supplies features standard USB and GPIB communication interfaces.

If there are applications that need voltages and currents greater than the rated maximum outputs, this can be achieved using multiple power supplies. The power supply can output an extended range of voltages or currents by connecting more units. Up to 7 units can be connected at the same time, using a series parallel connection to achieve greater voltage (up to 252V) and current (up to 49A) output.
62000L series’s main features :

  • Voltage range: 0 – 60V
  • Current range: 0 – 7A
  • Power range: 0 – 150W
  • Noise: < 3mVp-p
  • Transient response time: < 50µs
  • Standard GPIB/USB interface
  • Remote sense (Model 62010L-36-7 only)
  • Master-slave parallel and serial control (Model 62010L-36-7 only)
  • 8 steps for auto sequencing programming
  • 16 storage locations for user-defined operating states
  • OVP, Current limit, Thermal protection