solution to validate AI algorithms

Dspace acquires a stake in Neurocat

  • Dspace has acquired a stake in the Berlin-based start-up Neurocat, which specializes in the validation and quality assurance of artificial intelligence (AI) applications.

Neurocat, which currently has 40 employees, advises industrial companies on the safe and reliable use of AI, providing software for the automatic control and optimization of AI applications. While Neurocat’s products and services are primarily concerned with the development of networked and autonomous systems in the automotive sector, they can also be used in other areas, such as medical, automation, telecommunications, or finance.

By acquiring a stake in Neurocat, Dspace aims to accelerate the market launch of the cloud-based aidkit platform and to use this solution to validate AI algorithms. This platform developed by Neurocat automatically verifies machine learning applications and provides recommendations for application optimization.

“Neurocat’s key technology validates the quality of AI applications, thereby strengthening confidence in AI. This partial acquisition and new partnership therefore complements our growing AI-based portfolio of simulation and validation solutions,” said Martin Goetzeler CEO of Dspace.

Neurocat will now leverage dSpace’s global network to expand internationally. “Dspace is the ideal partner to accompany our development. It brings invaluable experience and resources to help us shape our transformation from a consulting company to a software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider,” said Florens Gressner, founder and new CEO of Neurocat.