Dspace's Simphera solution for automotive simulation and validation

Dspace launches Simphera solution dedicated to the simulation and validation of autonomous vehicles

  • Dspace announces the launch of Simphera, a simulation and validation solution for automotive development.
  • This web-based cloud solution allows users to perform computationally intensive validation of autonomous driving functions.
  • It facilitates collaboration between development teams around the world.
  • Users can seamlessly integrate their applications. Reusable models, scenarios, tests and interfaces enable continuous testing on software-in-the-loop (SIL) and hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) platforms.

The development of functions for automated and autonomous driving places increasingly high demands on the quality and safety of functions. This results in an increase in the number of tests that require a large, scalable IT infrastructure. At the same time, virtual tests are performed upstream of the development phases, where they are carried out by development teams spread around the world. With this in mind, Dspace has developed the Simphera scalable web solution.

Prepare, simulate, validate

Simphera helps developers and validation engineers by providing three components that are seamlessly integrated with each other.

Prepare: The first component provides users with the tools they need to generate and modify all the artifacts required for specific development or validation tasks. These may include proprietary simulation models needed for development or validation tasks, such as vehicle, sensor, road, traffic and environmental models or scenarios.

Simulate: In this component, the prepared models and scenarios are used for interactive simulations. Users can verify the desired behavior of the algorithm through a series of visualization and measurement functions.

Validate: The functions in the third component help users to perform tests based on large-scale scenarios. Variations in the parameters of a scenario can turn a handful of logical scenarios into a plethora of specific test cases. The test cases can then be processed and analyzed in more detail.

Scope extended to HIL testing

The initial version of Simphera is focused on providing validation solutions for autonomous driving functions, scenario-based testing and SIL testing. The reusable models, scenarios, tests and interfaces enable a seamless transition to automated testing on HIL platforms. Simphera thus aims to promote traceability in fault finding, reduce costs and accelerate development and approval.