Dspace DS1521 MicroAutoBox III Prototyping System

Dspace offers a new variant of the MicroAutoBox III

  • Dspace offers a new DS1521 version of its compact embedded prototyping solution from the MicroAutoBox III series.
  • Offering a wide range of bus and network interfaces, the DS1521 variant is suitable for communication-intensive developments that take into account, among other things, the centralization of the E/E architecture.

The DS1521 Bus and Network Board is equipped with eight CAN FD channels, three automotive Ethernet ports (100/1000BASE-T1), two FlexRay connectors (A/B), three LIN channels and additional digital and analog UART interfaces.

For particularly demanding communication applications, the MicroAutoBox III can be equipped with two DS1521 boards, thus doubling the number of interfaces. It is also possible to integrate additional input/output boards for MicroAutoBox.

The ConfigurationDesk implementation software, including the integrated bus manager, allows the configuration of bus communication based on the latest standards and protocols such as AUTOSAR (ARXML), FIBEX, DBC or LDF.

For integration into an existing vehicle electrical system, current AUTOSAR functions such as secure on-board communication (SecOC), end-to-end protection, and global time synchronization (GTS) are also supported on all relevant bus systems, including service-based Ethernet communication (SOME-IP).