dSpace supports the latest version 4.3 of Autosar.

dSpace supports Autosar 4.3 features

  • The dSpace tools integrate the functionalities intended for the development and validation of certain functions of the latest version 4.3 of Autosar.

Autosar version 4.3 presents challenges such as information authentication (SecOC), global time stamping (GTS) and improved data integrity verification (E2E) in automotive bus networks such as CAN, CAN FD, FlexRay or automotive Ethernet.

Technologies such as SecOC (secure onboard communication), GTS (global time synchronisation) and E2E (enhanced end-to-end protection) can now be developed and tested with dSpace tools.

The dSpace tool chain supports blocksets and tools for model-based development according to the Autosar 4.3 standard or turnkey HIL test systems for Autosar 4.3-compatible ECUs.

If necessary, dSpace accompanies clients in their projects to verify and analyze, for example, network description files before they are used.