EuMW Paris 2019

European Microwave Week 2019 in pictures

  • The 22nd edition of European Microwave Week (EuMW) started yesterday in Paris. It will end on Friday, October 4, 2019.
  • The main suppliers of test and measurement instruments did not miss this event, considered as one of the most important European events concerning radio frequency, microwave, radar, wireless communications technologies….

At the entrance to the show, it is impossible to miss the impressive stands of Rohde & Schwarz and Keysight Technologies. On their stands facing each other, the two manufacturers are exhibiting a large number of solutions dedicated to 5G, OTA, radar, millimeter wave, MIMO, etc. tests.

National Instruments, located a few steps away, is showcasing on its stand its modular solutions in PXI format also dedicated to RF, radar, MIMO, etc. tests.

AR, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, is one of the world’s leading specialists in RF and Microwave amplifiers. The American manufacturer is also faithful to EuMW’s appointment, like the Japanese Anritsu

AR booth at EUMW19
AR, the broadband amplifiers specialist, also offers the Lumiloop field meter with remote probe.

Rohde & Schwarz automotive radar test at EuMW19
Rohde & Schwarz test solution for FMCW chirp analysis for automotive radar

Rohde & Schwarz MIMO radar test at EuMW19
Rohde & Schwarz solution for the MIMO test of automotive radar sensors.

Rohde & Schwarz mmWave test at EuMW19
Rohde & Schwarz test solution for mmWave components.

Rohde & Schwarz OTA 5G test at EuMW19
Rohde & Schwarz solution for OTA testing and characterization of 5G components.

Keysight A&D testing at EuMW19
Keysight’s RF and microwave test solutions for the aerospace and defense sectors.

Keysight Field RF testing at EuMW19
Keysight’s portable solution for RF field testing.

 Keysight IoT test at EuMW19
Keysight solution for battery and communication testing of IoT devices.

 Keysight microwave test at EuMW19
Keysight solution for the validation and characterization of microwave components.

 Keysight MIMO 5G test at EuMW 2019
Keysight solution for the 5G telecommunication MIMO test.

 National Instruments OTA test at EuMW 2019
National Instruments’ solution for the OTA test in the millimetre wave range.

 National Instruments radar test at EuMW 2019
National Instruments’ solution for testing radar components.

Anritsu' booth at EuMW 2019
Anritsu is still present at European Microwave Week.

 Holzworth Instrumentation' booth at EuMW 2019.
Holzworth Instrumentation came from Colorado to present its HA7062D real-time phase noise analyzer capable of performing measurements from 10MHz to 26GHz with a maximum of 40GHz in option.

 Ceyear' booth at EuMW 2019
The Ceyear brand of the Chinese manufacturer CETI (China Electronics Technology Instruments) is trying to promote its offer of RF and hyper test instruments in Europe.