Exfo’s SkyRAN solution for testing and monitoring RF interference and fronthaul networks

Exfo offers SkyRAN a test and monitoring solution for RF interference and fronthaul networks

  • Exfo launched SkyRAN, a scalable remote access and monitoring solution for fiber-based fronthaul networks.
  • Developed in collaboration with wireless carriers in North America, SkyRAN provides real-time, on-demand testing and 24/7 monitoring of fiber optic networks and radio frequency (RF) spectrum.
  • SkyRAN combines high resolution RF spectrum analysis over CPRI with the fiber monitoring capabilities.

As SkyRAN reveals RF issues that were previously either undetectable or difficult to identify, mobile network operators (MNOs) will have, according to Exfo, the capacity to proactively identify and resolve RF interference, PIM ( Passive InterModulation) and fiber-related issues before they could impact subscribers.

To achieve the required quality level, mobile network operators must have full visibility of the RF spectrum and their fibre optic networks. This will be even more critical in the future as the transformation of mobile networks in preparation for the deployment of 5G, which will be based on very dense networks, will result in an increase in RF interference sources.

« RF spectrum is one of the most valuable assets of mobile network operators. RF interference is one of their worst enemies, said Stéphane Chabot, Vice President of Test and Measurement at Exfo. SkyRAN aims to protect this asset and limit on-site interventions. Technicians can carry out some troubleshooting remotely or have access to relevant information delivered by analysis tools that will enable them to prepare their intervention in the field . »