Fluke 378 clamp meter

Fluke 377 and 378 clamp meters measure non-contact currents

  • The Fluke 377 and 378 family of clamp meters perform non-contact TRMS AC/DC current measurements up to 1000A, allowing their users to perform electrical testing without the risk of touching live parts.

The Fluke 377 and 378 clamp meters use the company’s FieldSense technology to detect voltage and current through the clamp’s jaw. Only a ground connection for reference is required. With no direct connection to live components, the risk of electric shock and arcing is minimized.

The clamp meters measure currents up to 1000 A TRMS AC/DC and up to 2500 A (AC) with the iFlex current probe. According to the manufacturer, they allow measurements on three-phase systems in three steps. Each voltage and current measurement is displayed simultaneously on the screen.

Both clamps are available in a FC (Fluke Connect) version that includes a Bluetooth interface for wireless communication of measured values.

The 377 FC and 378 FC versions also show phase rotation, which can be displayed on a smartphone and saved to the cloud via Fluke Connect software that allows service technicians to log values and share them with their team.

The 378 FC clamp incorporates a Power Quality (PQ) indicator that detects power system issues related to current, voltage or power factor. This helps determine if the problems found are related to the power supply or the connected electrical equipment.

The clamp meters are supplied with a TPAK magnetic hanger, carrying case, TL224 test leads, TP175 Twist Guard test probes and AC285 black ground clamp.