Fluke 5560A multi-product calibrator

Fluke Calibration offers three new multi-product calibrators

  • Fluke Calibration offers three new multi-product calibrators: the Model 5560A for 6.5-digit digital multimeters, the Model 5550A (5.5-digit) and the Model 5540A (4.5-digit).

The Model 5560A Multi-Product Calibrator calibrates 6.5 digit benchtop multimeters with a 4:1 test uncertainty ratio for most benchtop models, and clamp-on multimeters up to 1500A. It features a 30 A continuous current output with no duty cycle and synthesized inductance functionality.

The 5550A multiproduct calibrator offers more capabilities than the 5522A series calibrator, including new calibration ranges. It calibrates digital benchtop multimeters with improved test uncertainty ratios (TURs) and clamp-on multimeters up to 1000A with its DC output. It incorporates a 30A DC output.

The 5540A Multi-Product Calibrator has more capabilities than the 5502A Multi-Product Calibrator. It calibrates portable digital multimeters and clamp-on multimeters up to 1500A with its DC output. Its DC current output range has been extended from 20 to 30 A. The new design of the range includes the ability to calibrate existing portable digital multimeters.

All three calibrators support a variety of thermocouples and their new thermocouple connector is designed to simplify connection. They offer a wider workload coverage in the area of temperature measurement. They can be used with a 52120A series amplifier and an adapted coil to raise the current output level to 6,000 A for calibration of high-current components, such as Rogowski coils.

Their 7-inch (17.8 cm) color touch screen features a new graphical user interface that aims to make the calibration process more intuitive. The user interface features easy-to-navigate and easy-to-read menus to access common functions with the touch of a finger.

Their Visual Connection Management output terminals guide connection operations to avoid connection errors.

The 5560A, 5550A and 5540A now accommodate the range switching of popular 6.5, 5.5 and 4.5 digit digital multimeters. The range optimization allows more of the meter’s workload to be calibrated with a single calibrator.

These instruments feature power feedback protection to prevent costly operating errors.

Calibration processes can be automated using MET/CAL calibration management software to meet quality standards that impose strict requirements for documentation, reporting, and control of calibration processes and results.