Hioki's SP7000 series probes

Hioki’s probes detect CAN bus signals through the cable insulation

  • Designed for the analysis of CAN bus signals, Hioki’s SP7000 series probes allow measurements to be made without direct contact with metal. The cable insulation is no longer damaged and can be replaced.

During the measurement process of CAN bus signals, part of the cable insulation must be removed to examine or directly clip the metal wiring. Hioki’s SP7000 series sensors overcome this problem by allowing the detection of weak signals through the cable insulation.

The result: no more time is lost in stripping the cable insulation. The cable insulation is thus preserved. In addition, cables that may have been damaged during measurements no longer need to be replaced. Measurement errors and undesirable influences by ECUs caused by direct contact with metal or cable are thus avoided.

The SP7000 family consists of two types of probes: The SP7001 sensors are compatible with CAN and CAN-FD protocols, up to 3 Mbit/s. The SP7002 sensors are compatible with CAN networks up to 1 Mbit/s.

Each sensor variant is equipped with a standard 9-pin D-SUB interface, which can be used to connect any conventional CAN bus analyzer. Adapters are available for use with recorders and oscilloscopes.

The hook-shaped tip of the measuring head has an opening that can be attached to the cable. A few turns of the clamping screw underneath the head are sufficient to secure the probes securely to the cable.