Live cycle 5G mobile testing

Keysight and Motorola Mobility collaborate in the field of millimetre waves for 5G

  • Keysight Technologies announced a collaboration with Motorola Mobility, Lenovo’s subsidiary specialized in the manufacture of mobile phones.

This collaboration aims to accelerate the development of radio communication equipment according to the 5G NR standard in the millimeter wave (mmWave) domain by using Keysight’s 5G network emulation solutions for prototyping, development and validation of 5G circuit design.

The development of communicating devices using 5G technology requires the mastery of new technologies such as the use of millimeter wave (mmWave) frequencies, beam formation and the integration of the radio input stage into a compact housing.

The collaboration between mobile device manufacturer Motorola Mobility and Keysight aims to provide the technology, solutions and support needed to develop electronic circuits for 5G communications.

Last year, Keysight announced that its suite of 5G network emulation solutions, including 5G Protocol R&D and RF design verification tools, supported the new 3GPP 5G NR Non-Standalone standard. This streamlined the product design flow from the prototyping and development stages to the validation and manufacturing phases. These solutions are based on common development tools to prevent data sets from remaining isolated in silos, and to share the knowledge acquired at each stage of the product design cycle between different departments.