Keysight's 6G sub-terahertz R&D testbed

Keysight and Samsung collaborate on 6G development

  • Keysight and Samsung have signed a memorandum of understanding to advance research and development of next-generation (6G) mobile communication technologies.
  • The new collaboration will, among other things, enable the Korean telecommunications device and equipment manufacturer to develop air interfaces that leverage artificial intelligence techniques.

5G mobile communication networks have barely been deployed when telecom specialists are already preparing for next-generation (6G) technology. 6G aims to meet the expectations of future technologies such as processing by artificial intelligence (AI) tools, simulation of devices via their digital twins, networks exploiting Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) technology and holographic communications.

The collaboration between the two companies has already led to improvements in 5G NR (new radio) technology. It will continue with the objective of developing technologies for testing and validating sixth-generation (6G) wireless communication systems.

The next generation of 6G networks is expected to strengthen the wireless connectivity fabric by leveraging heterogeneous networks and the convergence of the communications and computing worlds. In particular, Keysight will take advantage of the partnership with the Korean company to refine its software-driven test solutions.

The partnership aims to accelerate the development of AI-enabled air interfaces using multiple input multiple output (MIMO) antenna technologies. Such air interfaces enable the deployment of energy-efficient, ultra-dense networks with ultra-low latency and terabit wireless data transmission rates.