Keysight DAQ970A data acquisition system.

Keysight announced the DAQ970A modular data acquisition system

  • Keysight Technologies announced the DAQ970A data acquisition system that supports a variety of measurements: voltage, current, resistance, diode test and capacitance.
  • The instrument can receive on the back of its chassis three of a choice of eight control and multiplexing modules available, offering 20 to 40 channels with a scanning speed of up to 450 channels/s.
  • Sequences of measurements can be carried out automatically.

The integrated multimeter offers the possibility to measure temperatures (thermocouples, RTDs and thermistors), AC/DC voltages and currents, resistors, frequencies/periods, diode test and capacitance. The integrated signal conditioning system and conversion routines transform raw signals into directly usable information. Each measurement channel can be configured independently. It is possible to set up different measurement functions, scale factors and alarm thresholds, even on adjacent channels.

Various advanced functions are available: offset compensation, variable integration time, and delays are adjustable on each channel.

Keysight’s DAQ970A uses DAQ BenchVue application software to create automated test sequences, control instruments, set parameters and alerts, and analyze measurement results. However, all operations can be performed from the instrument’s graphic display.

A new solid-state relay multiplexer module offers higher scanning speeds. It has a longer service life than mechanical relay multiplexers.

Rear of the Keysight DAQ970A data acquisition system.
Keysight DAQ970A data acquisition system can receive on the back of its chassis three control and multiplexing modules.

# Main features of Keysight’s DAQ970A data acquisition system:

  • Up to 5000 readings/second and scanning speed up to 450 channels/second.
  • Integrated digital multimeter 6 ½ (22 bits), automatic calibration compensating for internal drifts caused by temperature variations.
  • Measuring capabilities: voltage (300 V), current (1µA DC, 100 µA AC), resistance (1000 MΩ), diode and capacitance (1 nF – 100 µF).
  • Basic accuracy of 0.004% over 1 year for DC voltage measurements and 0.06% for AC voltage measurements.
  • Up to 120 unipolar measurements or matrices of 96 crossing points in a half-rack height instrument 3½”.
  • Choice of eight plug-in switching and control modules: low-frequency and RF multiplexers, switching matrices, digital input and output, analog output, event recording.
  • Display of measurements in several formats: numeric, bar graph, counter, trend graph and histogram.
  • Non-volatile memory capacity of 100,000 readings for data backup when power is turned off.
  • Hi/Lo alarm limits on each channel as well as 4 TTL alarm outputs.
  • BenchVue DAQ software to create test sequences without programming.
  • USB and LAN interfaces.