Measurement Computing's WebDAQ 504 stand-alone recorder

Web server embedded in the Measurement Computing’s WebDAQ 504 stand-alone recorder

  • Measurement Computing’s WebDAQ 504 is a stand-alone module designed for remote monitoring and control of acoustic and vibration parameters.
  • This compact module with four inputs integrates the processing capabilities avoiding the use of a PC or any other software.

Through the integrated WebDAQ server, it is possible to configure simple or sophisticated applications, record measurements, update digital outputs, set up notifications according to predefined conditions and display data in real time from anywhere.

WebDAQ 504 uses measurements from four IEPE accelerometers (Integrated Electronic Piezoelectric).
# WebDAQ 504’s main features:

  • 4 analog inputs sampled simultaneously at a maximum rate of 51 ksec. /s with 24-bit resolution.
  • AC / DC coupling
  • Excitation current IEPE
  • Real-time FFT for continuous monitoring and analysis
  • 4 digital inputs/outputs
  • Converting data to binary or csv format
  • No driver software to install
  • Storage: 3GB internal memory, optional SD card, and USB ports
  • Built-in web server allows access from a web browser for remote monitoring and control
  • Alarm and notifications with email and SMS
  • Configurable read/write access
  • Exporting data in csv, UFF or binary formats
  • Wi-Fi support
  • External power adapter included
  • Price: 1499$