AstroNova TMX DAQ System

AstroNova upgrades its TMX data acquisition system

  • AstroNova Test & Measurement has launched an upgraded TMX data acquisition (DAQ) system.
  • The addition of the Windows 10 operating system provides enhanced security.
  • The optional embedded scope card provides 60x faster sampling rates.

The TMX is an all-in-one, out of the box DAQ solution designed to acquire, visualize and analyze data. Tested to MIL-STD-810F standards, it can be used for test in the field, production environments and lab work.
TMX main new features :

  • The scope card extends the sampling rate to 50 MHz for 2 channels.
  • File sizes reduction using advanced triggering capabilities and multiple sampling rates. The embedded scope makes it easy to capture high-speed events while simultaneously sampling at lower rates for long-term trending.
  • Enhanced security with the Windows 10 operating system, in compliance with U.S. Department of Defense standards, designed to strengthen cybersecurity and streamline the IT operating environment
  • Easily exchange drives for recording of classified and non-classified data.
  • Data visualization and analysis with the built-in 17” touchscreen display.
  • QuickLook data compression technology allows users to scroll through data in seconds without interrupting the current acquisition.