Ixia offers tools to test, secure and visualize wired, Wi-Fi and 3G / 4G / LTE networks

Keysight joins the Orbital Security Alliance

  • Keysight Technologies becomes a full member of the Orbital Security Alliance (OSA).
  • OSA develops cybersecurity standards for the space industry.

OSA was founded by contractor Harrison Caudill and security expert Gregory Falco to develop cyber security standards for the space industry. Unlike most terrestrial systems, which can have multiple layers of defence, orbital systems can only rely on their cyber security. OSA is working with experts and partners from government, industry and academia to create cybersecurity standards that balance the need for reliability and resilience of orbital resources.

Keysight is already involved in numerous industry consortia responsible for defining industry standards such as 3GPP, ETSI, OmniAir, 5GAA, HDMI Forum, PCI-SIG, AXIe, IEEE, 802.11, PXI Systems Alliance, Bluetooth SIG, IIC, USB-IF, CharIN, JEDEC, Wi-Fi Alliance, CTIA, LXI, and now OSA.

In particular, Keysight has been involved in the definition of standards, such as 5G, and the establishment of optimal test methods for new generation mobile phone equipment. This enables it to design software and hardware solutions, specially adapted for the development and testing of new technologies.

Keysight brings to OSA its expertise in the field of cybersecurity, through Ixia, a company acquired in 2017 with know-how in the field of software and network security. These network security solutions collect, filter and prepare raw packet data for processing through intrusion prevention and detection and other dedicated security solutions. These test solutions can realistically simulate high-volume data traffic with embedded threats and attacks.