Keysight PV8900 Photovoltaic Array Simulators.

Keysight offers the PV8900 series of photovoltaic array simulators

  • Keysight Technologies announces the PV8900 family of photovoltaic (PV) array simulators that deliver 2000 V and 20 kW power in a 3U format.
  • These solutions are designed to maximize the conversion of solar energy produced by photovoltaic parks and installations.

Evaluating the performance of a photovoltaic park involves measuring the power conversion efficiency of solar energy. It must be ensured that the inverters convert a maximum amount of power from the solar panels connected to them. However, according to Keysight, developing and verifying the performance of MPPT algorithms and tracking circuits is a complex process. Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) is a principle for tracking the maximum power point of a non-linear electrical generator.

Multiple MPPT inverters offer the flexibility needed for large solar power plants, but, according to the American manufacturer, pose a testing problem because the existing solutions only test one MPPT channel at a time.

Keysight’s PV8900 series PV array simulators, combined with the DG9000A PV inverter test software, which can test up to 12 MPPT channels simultaneously, have the following features:

  • Power density of 20 kW in 3U height that can be paralleled at 200 kW to test string inverters at full power while reducing rack space.
  • Up to 2000 V, 30 A output for testing string inverters.

The DG9000A PV inverter test software allows you to create and download curves to provide an overview of a single MPPT or up to 12 MPPT.

This solution can be used as a standard 20 kW automatic power supply with integrated output list, data logging and generation of arbitrary waveforms.