Teledyne Test Tools’s T3PS3000 programmable DC power supply.

Teledyne Test Tools offers the T3PS3000 series DC power supply

  • T3PS3000 programmable linear DC power supply from Teledyne Test Tools provides a maximum power of 220W.
  • It has three isolated outputs: two adjustable channels and one selectable channel of 2.5 V, 3.3 V and 5 V. Each output is protected against short circuits and overloads.The two main outputs can be combined in series and in parallel to obtain a higher output power.

The power supply is equipped with a 4.3″ colour display allowing the graphic display of waveforms as well as the digital display of voltage and current.

# Main specifications :

  • 3 independent isolated outputs: 32 V/ 3.2 Ax2, 2.5 V/ 3.3 V/ 5 V 3.2 Ax1
  • Maximum power: 220 Watts
  • Resolution: Display 5 digits voltage, and 4 digits current – minimum resolution: 1 mV/ 1 mA.
  • 3 output modes: Serial, Parallel and Independent.
  • 4.3″ (10.92 cm) TFT-LCD 480 x 272 colour display.
  • Temperature-controlled ventilation, quieter operation due to reduced fan speed during low use.
  • USB, LAN interfaces
  • SCPI remote control, LabVIEW pilot