Teledyne Test Tools the electronic test and measurement label of Teledyne Lecroy.

Teledyne Test Tools: a new label on the electronic test and measurement market

  • Teledyne announces the creation of a new range of electronic test and measurement instruments to be marketed under the Teledyne Test Tools label.
  • Teledyne Test Tools general purpose instruments complement Teledyne LeCroy’s wide range of oscilloscopes and protocol analyzers with more advanced performance and functionality.

The new Teledyne Test Tools line of instruments was created in collaboration with OEM technology partners. It will be marketed by Teledyne Lecroy’s local representatives as well as by its network of distributors such as RS Components. Customers will benefit from Teledyne’s own after-sales support and quality level.

The instruments in the Teledyne Test Tools range complement the extensive catalogue of digital oscilloscopes that Teledyne LeCroy has been designing and marketing for decades. Test engineers, developers and educational institutions that obviously use instruments other than an oscilloscope for their electronic test and measurement applications will thus have at Teledyne Lecroy a range of products that meet their complementary needs: generators, spectrum analyzers, multimeters, etc…

With this new brand, Teledyne Lecroy aims to offer products that stand out in terms of functionality and meet Teledyne LeCroy’s quality and service standards. It also meets the expectations of customers who want to be able to purchase different types of test devices from a single supplier and not have to juggle a multitude of user interfaces.

The first family of Teledyne Test Tools labelled instruments consists of two TDR (Time Domain Reflectometer) analysers. The TDR T3SP10D (10 GHz) and T3SP15D (15 GHz) models are integrated in a compact, PC-controlled, front-panelless housing that can accommodate an optional battery. They perform differential measurements to diagnose signal integrity problems at interconnections, transmission lines or cables. These instruments can be used in the laboratory or in the field to perform impedance discontinuity measurements in various industrial sectors: automotive, communications, electronics design, etc.

Teledyne Test Tools, which is positioned as a complementary brand to Teledyne LeCroy’s traditional offer, will include a variety of instruments for everyday use in the entry-level segment as well as medium to high-tech instruments: spectrum analyzers, generators, multimeters, power supplies, power analyzers, etc. The complete list of these instruments as well as their specificities will be revealed very soon.