Teledyne LeCroy's voyager M310P USB platform

Teledyne LeCroy Voyager M310P Approved for USB Power Delivery 2.0 Compliance Testing

  • Teledyne LeCroy announced that the Voyager M310P USB 3.1 Analyzer/Exerciser system is approved for Compliance Testing of USB Power Delivery 2.0 (PD) by the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF).
  • With support for USB PD 2.0, the compliance option allows developers to verify functionality, error recovery, and conformance for USB Power Delivery 2.0 in chipsets and end-products.
  • The Voyager M310P provides 100% coverage of the required USB Type-C and USB Power Delivery 2.0 compliance points.

The Teledyne LeCroy Voyager Analyzer/Exerciser system is used for testing and validating USB Power Delivery 2.0 products as well as USB 3.1 hosts, hubs and devices. The system connects to devices over standard USB Type-C cables and utilizes emulation scripts to mimic link partner behaviors. It captures message exchanges and automatically verifies the correct protocol response.

“As an active member of the USB-IF compliance working group, Teledyne LeCroy contributes to the USB-IF interoperability workshops by staffing dedicated test suites for USB 3.1 Link Layer, Hub, USB Type-C and USB Power Delivery 2.0,” said Jeff Ravencraft, USB-IF President and COO. “Test solutions, like the Teledyne LeCroy Voyager M310P play a critical role at these events by helping the USB-IF verify early product designs while ensuring a consistent, reliable end user experience.”

“The USB Type-C and USB Power Delivery 2.0 specifications now incorporate a range of features designed to provide USB OEMs with a comprehensive single-cable solution offering faster charging and higher data transfer rates,” said Joe Mendolia Vice-President of Marketing at Teledyne LeCroy. “The Voyager platform provides the support for official USB-IF compliance specifications including all the latest Power Delivery 2.0 test cases.”

The Voyager M310P Analyzer/Exerciser can be used to run a wide range of tests. It is possible to run the turnkey compliance tests or to use its library of test scripts to create custom test cases.

Teledyne LeCroy’s protocol analyzers have been involved in USB development since 1997. All LeCroy protocol analysis and test products feature a hierarchical display, real-time statistics, protocol traffic summaries, detailed error reports, comprehensive automation, and the ability to create user-defined test reports.

USB Implementers Forum is a non-profit corporation founded by the group of companies that developed the Universal Serial Bus specification. The USB-IF was formed to provide a support organization and forum for the advancement and adoption of Universal Serial Bus technology. The Forum facilitates the development of compatible USB peripherals (devices), and promotes the benefits of USB and the quality of products that have passed compliance testing.