Sanjole's customizable WaveJudge 5000 platform dedicated to wireless communications analysis.

Keysight Technologies Acquires Sanjole

  • Keysight Technologies announced that it has finalized the acquisition of its compatriot Sanjole. The terms of the transaction were not disclosed.
  • Sanjole, a U.S. company based in Honolulu, Hawaii, specializes in protocol decoding and interoperability solutions for 4G, 5G mobile communication technologies and other wireless transmission systems.

Sanjole provides hardware and software solutions to identify and resolve problems between devices and the network under test to ensure quality communications. These solutions are aimed at companies operating in the entire wireless communications ecosystem: from chip manufacturers to telecom operators and network equipment manufacturers.
All the members of the company’s management team, co-founded in 2002 by its president Joe Fala, share a background at Spirent Communications, a British company specializing in telecom testing.

Sanjole’s offering complements Keysight’s portfolio of 5G communication test solutions by integrating modem, chipset and radio access network (RAN) testing tools. All of its solutions enable debugging and interoperability testing in accordance with communication standards.

Sanjole provides Over-The-Air (OTA) radio analysis solutions for wireless communication networks that provide event visibility across multiple layers of the protocol stack. It offers several test and measurement equipment for wireless transmission technologies according to WiMAX, LTE, LTE-A, and 5G standards. The Hawaiian company has expertise in RF design, digital processing, FPGA programming and software implementation.

Its WaveJudge 5G wireless test module, for example, provides visibility into the interaction between protocol and physical layers in wireless transmissions. It is based on a programmable hardware platform to ensure updates in the field. It plugs into the manufacturer’s customizable WaveJudge 5000 platform (photo) dedicated to wireless communications analysis.