Keysight's PNA-X network analyzer

Keysight’s PNA and PNA-X Network Analyzers Embed Low-Noise DDS Source

  • Keysight Technologies has integrated a low noise direct digital synthesis (DDS) source, into its PNA and PNA-X series network analyzers.

The PNA and PNA-X family of network analyzers covers frequency bands starting at 900 Hz and ranging from 8.5 GHz to 120 GHz, depending on the model. These instruments, equipped with two or four ports, enable the characterization of linear and non-linear components operating in the radio frequency and microwave range via their touch screen control.

Measurements on active devices, such as noise figure, gain compression and IMD, are difficult to perform. Keysight has therefore integrated a proprietary, low-noise direct digital synthesis (DDS) source into its PNA and PNA-X network analyzers.

According to the American manufacturer, “this improves measurement accuracy by reducing phase noise interference. In particular, the low-noise signals from the DDS source enable closely spaced two-tone IMD measurements. This was previously only possible with high-performance analogue signal generators.

The new DDS sources also aim to improve the characterization of mixers and frequency converters through measurements of modulation distortion, SMC with phase and I/Q conversion.

The PNA-X analyzer has a third source for the generation of radio frequency (RF) signals up to 13.5 GHz. This simplifies the test setup by replacing an external signal generator to drive the local oscillators.