NI LabVIEW NXG of National Instruments

LabVIEW NXG expands its functionalities

  • In May 2017, National Instruments (NI) launched LabVIEW NXG, the first version of its next generation of LabVIEW engineering system design software.  .
  • The Texas-based company announces a new version of LabVIEW NXG that introduces new features for the development, deployment and management of automated test and measurement systems.
  • This latest version of LabVIEW NXG now supports PXI format instrumentation of NI and other instruments.


With WebVI, this new version of LabVIEW NXG now provides a type of VI to design Web-based user interfaces (UIs) that can be deployed on all Internet browsers (on a PC, tablet or smartphone) without the need for a plugin or installer.

The new SystemDesigner feature shortens hardware configuration time by automatically recognizing connected hardware, displaying installed drivers and redirecting links to NI and third-party instrument drivers if not already installed.

On the other hand, this latest version extends the hardware support to thousands of instruments as well as National Instruments’ PXI modular instrumentation.

LabVIEW NXG also provides programming capabilities, including object-oriented programming and integration with TestStand, NI’s test management software.

Several LabVIEW NXG features such as WebVI are designed to work with existing LabVIEW applications without major code changes. Test code can be reused, including code written with LabVIEW NXG or LabVIEW, using a new package management interface based on standard industrial package formats.

The LabVIEW license gives access to the new version of LabVIEW NXG and LabVIEW 2017.