LabVIEW NXG 1.0, the first release of the next-generation LabVIEW system design software.

With the NXG version, LabVIEW takes a new start

  • National Instruments (NI) announced at the NIWeek 2017 edition in Austin, Texas, LabVIEW NXG, the first version of the new generation of its graphic system design software.
  • Launched in 1986 to develop test and measurement applications without traditional programming languages, the LabVIEW development platform has become a software reference in the field of test and measurement.
  • National Instruments is now launching it into a new era. LabVIEW NXG has been redesigned to quickly realize measurements and instant access to results while making graphical programming optional.
  • Ultimately, LabVIEW NXG will replace the current LabVIEW platform.

According to National Instruments, LabVIEW NXG 1.0 bridges the gap between configurational software and custom programming languages ​​by offering a new approach to measurement automation. Its new development flow allows to acquire and analyze measurement data without programming. This software aims to simplify the automation of the measurements by elaborating the necessary code “under the hand”. However, users who wish to do so can continue to program with traditional graphics tools.

LabVIEW NXG takes the philosophy that has ensured the success of its elder while taking advantage of the latest IT structures and technologies. “The software platform has been redesigned to be more efficient, more ergonomic, easier to implement and more open. But it offers the same graphical programming capabilities, “explains Frédérick Drappier, general manager of National Instruments France.

LabVIEW NXG is not a light version of LabVIEW for non-experimented users. It is in fact the first stage of the rocket that will eventually replace the initial platform. The latter has evolved considerably over time, but to further improve and respond to market expectations, it became necessary to rethink its architecture to incorporate best practices and technologies of the moment.

LabVIEW NXG version 1.0 does not currently have all the capabilities of LabVIEW. It is limited to data acquisition applications, notably through the CompaqDAQ platform of National Instruments.

Gradually, more features and other NI hardware, supported by the traditional version of LabVIEW, will be integrated with NXG. “Ultimately, anything that can be done with LabVIEW can be done with NXG,” says Frédérick Drappier. But the loyal users of LabVIEW are reassured. The durability of their existing test and measurement applications is ensured. There is no question for NI to abandon the traditional version of LabVIEW. “Its support and its software evolution will still be assured for several years,” assures Frédérick Drappier.

For the time being, a joint license is available to access the 2017 version of LabVIEW and the NXG version that are gathered within the same platform. But NXG will gradually increase in power, gain in functionality and in material coverage, to finally occupy a preponderant place. Once it’s up and running for all applications, LabVIEW will then retreat after 30-40 years of loyal service to leave NXG the opportunity to thrive.