Lem's plant in Malaysia

Lem inaugurates a new plant in Malaysia

  • Lem has inaugurated a new plant in Malaysia which, according to the specialist in electrical current measurement technology, stands out for its environmentally-friendly design and the advanced technologies it uses.
  • The Swiss company invested 15.7 million euros in the construction of this plant, located in the state of Penang.

The plant is part of Lem’s growth plan, which is driven by global demand for current and voltage transducers that play an essential role in the electrification and decarbonization of mobility, industry, power generation and other sectors.

Lem has set up its plant in the state of Penang, as this region is renowned for its expertise in semiconductor production.

By April 2024, 70 people had already been recruited, and Lem expects to increase the workforce to over 200 by March 2025, and eventually to over 500. Plant sales are expected to exceed the €200 million mark. Plans for an extension on the additional 5,000 m2 of land have already been submitted.

Lem’s new 11,800 sq.m. plant features a logistics system using Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) to transport components from the warehouse to the production lines, and will generate a substantial proportion of its energy from solar panels.

The Malaysian site is also a pilot for a number of strategic projects for the Swiss group, such as the roll-out of the new ERP system.

Andreas Hürlimann, Chairman of Lem’s Board of Directors, explains that “it was essential when we designed this new plant that it complied with the Green Building Index, the industry-recognized environmental performance assessment tool for buildings in Malaysia. With 300 kW of solar power installed on the roof, and a further 400 kW planned for 2026, our plant also collects rainwater, and many functions are controlled and automated to save energy.”