Lem's CAB 1500 current sensor.

Lem’s CAB 1500 current sensor meets electric vehicle battery charge measurement requirements

  • Lem’s CAB family of transducers has been specifically designed for measuring battery current in electric and hybrid vehicles.
  • The Swiss manufacturer completes this transducer range with the CAB 1500 model, which measures currents up to ± 1,500 A with a resolution of up to 0.1%.
  • This sensor has a maximum relative error of 0.5% over a temperature range of -40°C and +85°C.

One of the main challenges in the electric vehicle sector is the development of vehicles capable of travelling the longest possible distances between two recharges. Designers are therefore looking for sensors that can deliver the required levels of performance and accuracy.

“The CAB 1500 series current sensor uses fluxgate technology to provide the best state-of-charge estimates on the market for the most advanced electric vehicle battery management systems,” says Lem’s product manager Jeremie Piro.

The current sensor is used to accurately measure the state of charge of Li-ion batteries. It meets the requirements of the ISO 26262 functional safety standard (up to automotive safety integrity level C).

This open-loop sensor is equipped with electronic mechanisms and software that guarantee the reliability levels required by BMS (Battery Management System). It can be mounted on a bus bar or on an electrical panel.

Compatible with 800 V applications according to IEC 60664-1, this sensor performs a non-intrusive measurement with a total galvanic isolation up to 2.5 kV. It integrates a CAN bus data transmission interface operating at 500 kbits/s.