Lem's HMSR DA series current sensor

Lem’s HMSR DA Series Current Sensor Includes Digital Output

  • Lem announces the launch of the HMSR DA, an integrated current sensor with a digital stream output in Sigma Delta.
  • The HMSR DA sensor offers 11- to 13-bit resolution and incorporates a 10 MHz clock.
  • It has a 300 kHz bandwidth for measuring DC and AC currents in demanding power switching applications.

The HMSR DA current sensor is intended for applications requiring high resolution measurements in hostile environments with high noise loads. It has been designed for applications where accurate digital signals and improved resistance to electrical and/or electromagnetic noise are critical. Examples of applications include servo drives, robotics equipment, self-guided vehicles, CNC machine tools, and precision machinery.

According to Lem, an integrated current sensor with digital output has several advantages: a better signal-to-noise ratio, as well as lower cost and smaller footprint compared to isolated shunt solutions. The HMSR DA would therefore save space and cost compared to complex solutions integrating shunt, sigma delta isolator and power supply circuit.

All these functionalities are integrated in a single component with a SOIC16 compatible package footprint.

The HMSR DA sensor is a step in the development process of a range of integrated digital output current sensors. Lem is already working on a new generation of integrated digital output current sensors that will offer 14-16 bit resolution and clock speeds in excess of 20 MHz.