Marvin Test Solutions GX3788 multifunction PXI board

Marvin Test Solutions GX3788 multifunction PXI board with FPGA onboard

  • Marvin Test Solutions offers the GX3788 multifunction PXI module which embeds an FPGA for custom processing.
  • This PXI board has 8 differential analog inputs, 8 analog outputs and 96 digital inputs/outputs.

The GX3788 module is a 3U PXI hybrid slot compatible instrument with user-configurable digital and analog test functions to suit a variety of functional test applications.

The analog inputs can be configured as 8 differential or 16 single-ended inputs. Analog signals can be sampled with 16-bit resolution at sampling rates up to 250 KS/s per channel. The sampling rate can be up to 1 MS/s on two channels. The 8 analog outputs provide simultaneous sampling of 16-bit signals at 1 MS/sec. The digital I/O channels are TTL compatible and can be programmed as inputs or outputs.

“User-programmable FPGAs allow test engineers to create custom instruments and interfaces for complex and mission-critical applications,” said Jon Semancik, Director of Marketing at Marvin Test Solutions. “The GX3788 board leverages the flexibility of the PXI platform and FPGA technology to provide the user with a streamlined design process, long-term support and the flexibility to adapt to future test needs.

The GX3788 features an Altera Stratix III FPGA with 45,000 logic elements and 1,836Kb of memory. The FPGA supports up to four phase-locked loops for synthesis and clock generation and I/O management. The FPGA can use the on-board 80 MHz oscillator or the 10 MHz PXI clock. The FPGA has access to all PXI bus resources, including the 10 MHz PXI clock, PXI local and trigger bus. This allows the creation of a custom instrument that integrates all PXI bus resources.

The FPGA of the GX3788 PXI module is pre-programmed. This allows access to all digital and analog functions. Users can also program or modify the FPGA in order to adapt the instrument to their own test needs and evolutions using Altera’s Quartus II Web Edition design tools available free online. Once the user has compiled the FPGA design, the configuration file can be loaded into the FPGA directly or via an embedded EEPROM.

The virtual frontend can be used to program and control the GX3788 module interactively. In addition, interface files are provided to allow access to programming tools and languages such as ATEasy Test Executive and Development Studio.

The GX3788 module is also available in a hardened version (GX3788-M) with a protective coating for use in harsh environments.